WWYD? What Would Yahushua Do?

Walls of Jerusalem, City of David

So, what would Yahushua (YAH-hoo-shu-ah) do?

Just a few years ago, such a question would have been easy to answer. I knew what I knew and I knew it was as close to TRUTH as humanly possible, for "The Scriptures" made it quite clear what "The Father" expected from us, and from all humanity. It was all written in "The Law" of Moses, called the Torah, and the Gospels of the New Testament. It was all there in black and white. Or was it? As I dug deeper into the not so common texts of Enoch, Clement, and others, as well as commentaries on Jesus' (Yahushua's) brother, James, known as "James the Just," by men like Robert Eisenmann and James Tabor, I began to see another TRUTH come forth. A truth that shook my foundations of faith to the very Cornerstone. A truth I feared to even admit existed as it had the potential to tear down every stone of my faith that I had so carefully set over the last four decades of my religious life. That "Scripture" has been so tampered with and edited that it can no longer be used for "doctrine" and that Christianity, Judaism, Messianic Judaism, and Hebrew Roots are religious systems built upon false doctrines and manipulations of men.

These are serious charges, I know. But the one thing I do know is that the "Infinite Creator" put within me a calling to seek after TRUTH no matter where it takes me, and like Sherlock Holmes, to follow the evidence wherever it leads. This need to ask WHY in me had already pulled me away from decades within Christianity into Messianic Judaism, and from there into suspicions of Paul and his letters, and after a few more years I then settled into Hebrew Roots for many years, now smugly convinced that I had finally found TRUTH within this mess. And I arrogantly shared this "truth" here. Truth about the Father, truth about the Messiah, truth about twisting of doctrines by Rabbinical Judaism and Christianity, and the lesser known truth about the Essenes and Nazarites, the true Disciples of Messiah. All along this quest for TRUTH, I have tried to share this evolution of faith on this web site, "What Would Yahushua Do?" Then came the "Disclosure."

The Disclosure that "Scripture" has been far more tampered with than I ever thought possible. By now I knew that Paul was an ememy of James the Just and the Disciples who were actually hand-picked by Yahushua (Jesus) himself, and from Paul is where Christianity came from. By now I knew that Rabbis and Scribes of Judaism had twisted Torah and added "takanot," man-made laws, that had been adopted by "Messianic Judaism." By now I knew that many other writings existed that should have been called, "Scripture," existed, such as the Books of Enoch, The Recognitions of Clement, the Gospels of Thomas, among many others. By now I knew the writings that made up the books of the Bible, especially the New Testament, were copies of copies, made from copies, and many significant differences among the copies existed. But what finally caused my "religious house" to crumble under the weight of the growing deceptions, lies, and man-made doctrines was the realization that Moses most likely never wrote most of Torah. That Torah, that ROCK of my faith, was actually the work of three writers and highly edited by other religious groups over time, that Moses' actual words may only be a small part of Torah. This revelation shook my faith to the core and down it all came. The whole sacrificial Temple system, that taught that the "Creator" demanded, and took pleasure in the slaughter of innocent animals, their throats slit, blood spilled out into bowls of offering, the workings of the Levitical blood cult taken from Egypt. The "laws" of Moses, that are not Moses' at all. There was now nothing in "Scripture" I could trust as the actual "WORDS" of the Creator. No "doctrine" I could say was TRUTH. And as painful as this was, and how angry it made me at religions, men of religion, and even the Creator itself, this TRUTH about non-truth was exactly what the Infinite Creator was grooming me to accept over the many decades coming "out of Egypt" symbolically. I was now "set free" from bondage and open to clear away the debris of religion and reset my foundational stones in TRUTH as revealed to me at this time, subject to further change.

So if you are new to my web site, wwyd.org, and my beliefs, welcome to the NEW me. Let's journey this mess together. If you are not new here, all of this may come as a shock to you, and your defensive shields are raised. I would expect no less. All I ask is that you take what I offer here in open mind, see where I have come from, and where I am going, and decide for yourself, deep down inside you, into that "still, small voice" inside you, where the "laws" of the Creator have been written into your heart, and decide for ypourself. I also apologize for my past errors in doctrine that may have been used to create some of your doctrines of faith. I am deeply sorry if that is you. But I also ask you to join me in this journey through the wasteland of man-made doctrines, edited Scriptures, and discover the Infinite Creator with me. I welcome the company!

All that said, back to the original question... What Would Yahushua Do?

1.    Guide you to the Infinite Creator

Yahushua taught, "The Kingdom of God is within you..." And indeed it is, the "God Particle" is you! At the smallest level of everything you are, there the Infinite Creator has placed his life into you. For everything is energy and energy is everything.

Flower of Life

Everything from the smallest "God Particle" to the massive galaxies are created AS ONE: in energy, frequency, and vibration. Discover the Infinite Creator and who ~YOU~ really are in Synchronicity

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2.    Expose Inherited Lies...

These Inherited Lies go far deeper and are far older than most can believe possible. So deep are these lies, so believed, that it may not be comprehendable or believable by those within these lies. It really is that deep and extensive. If this is you, please look at my evidense before rejecting it.

The "Scriptures" you hold, the "Bible" you know, is NOT inerrant or infallible.

Take the Red Pill and discover the Matrix of Inherited Lies and ancient deceptions.

Morpheus holding the Red Pill in his hand.


Or..... Take the Blue Pill and go back to sleep.